Meet Our Ambassadors

Tracy C. Rabi

Lost In Time — 2020

Tracy is a 10-year-old Tanzanian girl, founder of Kids Finance with Tracy. Kids Finance with Tracy gives financial and entrepreneurship education to children of ages 8-17 through Finance Books written by Tracy, Flashcards, Summer Holiday Boot camps and Free Online Content. Kids Finance with Tracy also produces merchandise like one part and three-part piggy banks for kids.
Tracy has written two books titled “20 Important Finance/ Money Words for Kids” and “What You Must Know Before You Start Saving”. Both books come in two languages, English and Swahili.
Through her works, Tracy Rabi has educated over 200 children and helped 13 kids start their own businesses.
Tracy Rabi is also a Ted Speaker (Youngest Ted Speaker in Eastern Africa) and Youngest Finance Author in the Region

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