Club Tot

age 3 - 4

For the preschooler’s absorbent mind, Club Tot is to help children develop financial literacy at early stage. through beginning picture books simple financial terms and example. Practical characters of daily life and surroundings

How our Book Clubs Work

Club membership is £15 per month and £120 per year . Pay as you go hire also available.
Virtual Reading costs £10 per month and £50 per year especially for those not in the UK.
Shipment of each order costs £1 only.

Join the Club

You’ll receive four books in a magical package personalized to your child.

Ready, Set, Read

Explore the 4 books for one month

Purchase Books You Love

You can keep some of the books

Book Club Member Benefits

+ A full month to explore four books per shipment
+ Members also get the chance to win prizes for periodic competition
+ Discounted prices for entrepreneurial hubs , activities , conferences, leadership mentorship , exhibitions and display of talents


Coming home to the unmistakable turquoise Literati package on the doorstep is one of our most anticipated experiences each month. My kids drop just about any activity to dive into a magical afternoon of reading together.

Aleks G. - Austin, TX

Real life use of skills learnt

We work with the world’s best children’s book illustrators to bring you original art every month.

All About Young Entrepreneur Book Club Pricing

How to pick a book

Pick a book in your age category .Our savvy team also maintains lists of thousands of book recommendations from financial news , entrepreneurs, child stars , educators, publishers, librarians, teachers, parents, and kids. We search for books that enchant a, train nd nourish young minds and then we let your kids do the choosing.

How much does YECB cost?

For £15 (£10 + £5 VAT) monthly or  £120 (£100 + £20 VAT) yearly, your child will receive four expertly-chosen books . Tell us what you have learnt weekly and you get a chance to speak about the books to other children . This way you Never forget what you learnt. We beat Amazon list prices on our books, and you’ll only pay for the books you wish to keep. Note that: Each order costs £1 for shipment.

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